California Proposition 19, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Homeowners beware of California Proposition 19 With the possibility of 2010 Proposition 19 passage here in California we have serious concerns about increased mold growth in the Sacramento area.  Some marijuana grow operations have been reported to have high levels of mold growth in and around the operations. A couple types of mold to be [...]

Sacramento Mold Inspector

Sacramento Mold Inspector Reveals “How to Avoid a Mold Invasion!” Mold, it’s not just in your bread and cheese. In fact, it could be invading your entire Sacramento home–and with serious consequences. You see, mold can cause all kinds of problems for you and your family, from serious illness to property damage. The Environmental Protection [...]

Caring for Your Roof

Caring for Your Roof Protect the Roof that Protects You As the first line of defense against the elements of potential mold problems, a roof is one of the most important components of a house.  It is critical to properly maintain your roof to protect your family and your home. Because a new roof installation [...]

Potential Mold Problems

Potential Mold Problems If you live in an area with high humidity, then you should always be on the lookout for potential mold problems. The naturally occurring outdoor humidity affects indoor humidity levels, creating a perfect environment for potential mold problems. As the number of vacant bank-owned properties  keep rising by the recent down turn [...]

Fighting Germs in the Home

Fighting Germs in the Home Testing Indoor Air and Surface Quality Anyone who is or has been the parent of a school-aged child will be familiar with the frustrating scenario – the kids were fairly healthy over the summer months or the holiday break, and then a few days back in school brings on the [...]

Dealing with Mold

Dealing with Mold Here’s a story we thought you might like about dealing with mold. It may have happened to someone you know or even in your own home.  Water damage or some other work required you to open up the wall, the floor, the ceiling – and there it was…mold.  The thought of having [...]